Monday, March 13, 2017

Life update 2017

Well it has been a minute since I have posted! I have really missed sharing all my beauty secrets, favorites and sharing creations of my eye looks etc! I am really hoping to be able to take the time a couple times a week to get back in the swing of things and slowly come back. I have some exciting adventures to come with career and business and I look forward to be able to share them with everyone who follows along.

So I have couple posts planned this week but first I wanted to give a brief update on my life, where I am, what's happened over the last year (since it's been  a year since I have posted anything pertaining to beauty) and where life is going.

If you have followed me, you will know that about this time last year my dad became very sick. He ended up being on a ventilator for 2 weeks with bilateral pneumonia along with the flu. It was very sudden and the vent was our last resort. He hadnt even felt that bad until the day before he went to the hospital and even then we had to drag him. But long story short, we were told his survival chances were not good at all even that he might not make it through the first night because he was lying prone with 100% oxygen being forced.  Thank God my dad is a fighter and pulled through and has been back at it a couple months after he was released to go home. My dad and I are very close so that time was super hard for me and blogging just wasn't something I needed to focus on. Once he did get home my grandmother passed away (his mom). My husbands grandmother also passed away a couple days after thanksgiving so we have had a terrible 2016 but very thankful at the same time. We are hoping this 2017 will bring us some new beginnings and blessings!

Also during that time my mom and I were opening our salon. And after long hard discussions and thoughts, we decided to shut the salon down at the end of December due to multiple factors. -I work for my dad so after he got sick and came back to work, I had to be there instead of my salon and although we had girls working, it was to much stress for mom and I. I mean we had the salon before he got sick so you never know where life will lead you.

The location became not as great, the other people in the building kept complaining over smells from nails and the building we had was promised to be remodeled which is why we chose there and it never was. We were putting all our energy into someone else's building with to many rules. If you known my momma and I, we are headstrong women and we don't sit back quietly.

So we decided to close up shop there and relocate somewhere that fit and had more room since we wanted to add more things to the salon. My mother decided right now she wasn't ready to hop back into putting all this money into someone else's building again and decided to end our partnership in business. << which is not a bad thing. Mother daughter business is hard. But I decided to continue on with my projects and slowly have been working on my space.

All the details aren't ready to share but I am really hoping my creation will be worth the time, money and stress. I am also hoping to be ready to go by the start of summer and in the meantime I have been doing another little passion of mine---vinyl designs and monograms etc to help fund for my new adventure. I absolutely love doing the vinyl and have been working on creating a collection of beauty themed items.

Now that I have basically wrote a novel while I'm chilling eating applesauce from a tooth extraction today, ill wrap it up lol.

I will have a couple things posted this week so please come back to check them out as I try to rebrand my blog and include the process of my new business plan AND of course beauty favorites, looks and life!

Thanks for looking!!!